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I should just let it all out... The days events...

Today he left for work at 1230pm.. I won't see him until 11pm.. lesigh
he left me sleep in and took the kid to school.. I slept for what seemed like forever.. That was nice of him.
I dreamt of Mom lastnight.. She hugged me and told me that there was no time to explain.
It made me feel ok..I guess...

Took an ativan to calm myself...  I haven't really been eating .. Like at all..  
Food seems to disgust me lately...  

She came home .. We had a talk about her eating habits which have ben awful and now she is out playing 
with friends.  I want to be closer with her and she wants to be closer with me...  But she must have a childhood..
I've asked her to write down some fun stuff she wants us to do together..  Looking forward to seeing her list.

Talked to Nanny for an hour or so... I miss her... and I will miss her when she is gone.  She is all I have now as far as a parental figure goes sooo I have to treat her right.  

Still no word from sister.. I miss her too... I wish she was a more honest person.  I wish she could trust me.
I wish I could trust her..  She can trust me...  I just want to be there for her.  

Seems like another day in paradise...  I can't wait to sleep and wake to a new tomorrow.. Hopefully a better one.
Never seems to come.. but maybe tomorrow...

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